KNOWN ERROR - Marketplace Listing Submission creates a red box due to Google Maps API

When you create a listing in CLUCKS Marketplace and submit the listing, there will be a red box at the top of the submission that says:


This API project is not authorized to use this API.
This is normal and expected.  The API that the site is attempting to load is the Google Maps API key that would give a map geotracked location to your listing.  We have disabled this feature so that you can control what information is shared with your buyers.
Under that red box, you should, however, see a green box that says:


Advert added successfully
This means that your listing has been saved to the CLUCKS Marketplace.  Listings are saved for 30 days and may be extended 3 days at a time once the initial listing expires.  Any listing not extended after 30 days will be deleted by the system automatically and cannot be restored.  You would need to relist the item in the Marketplace if that occurs.